Prohibition Introduced on “Sanctuary Cities” for Illegal Aliens

Madison…  State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and State Representative Roger Roth (R-Grand Chute) are today introducing legislation to prevent local governments from declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens.

“When one county executive in Wisconsin brags that her county doesn’t allow its employees to ask about legal status, someone must step in when local governments abdicate their responsibility to police criminal aliens,” said Senator Grothman.

The recent slaying of three college students in Newark, New Jersey, was committed by an illegal alien from Peru who had already been indicted for 31 counts of sexual assault of a child and nine counts of assault and weapons charges.  The trouble is federal immigration officials knew nothing about him until he was charged with the murders.  Had they been informed of his first felony arrest in October 2006, those murders may have never happened.  New Jersey, along with a number of other states, does not require a check of the immigration status of anyone arrested.

“There is no excuse to grant criminal aliens a safe harbor anyplace in Wisconsin,” said Representative Roth.  “Police in Wisconsin should be allowed to do their job and see that criminal aliens are not allowed to live invisibly among our communities.  We must act to give our law enforcement the tools to keep our families safe.”

The legislation being introduced by Senator Grothman and Representative Roth would not allow local governments to adopt laws prohibiting government workers from asking about the legal status of individuals seeking public services or notifying the federal government of the presence of illegal aliens.